If you’ve been eyeing for an apartment at 331 East Houston St. since a few years ago, then you need to forget about it right away. It’s because of this one has been purchased by Gili Haberberg, which is an investment firm that runs Arkar Inc. This company has purchased the apartment for $61 million from the hands of the famous Samy Mahfar, the owner of SMA Equities. According to the Online sales report, this apartment has been developed not just by Samy alone, but he is also collaborating with Halpern Real Estate Ventures.

This apartment is actually quite promising. Aside from having the strategical area near the attorney street, the price of monthly rent that has been planned for this apartment supposedly cheaper than the most of the others today. As you know, a 1-bedroom unit costs $5000. Fortunately, the studio apartments of this building will just cost around $2800-$3200. Those prices couldn’t be cheaper than this, and the unit’s qualities are all good. You may want to take a look for yourself and visit this particular apartment which you can find at 331 East Houston St. It could be one in a lifetime for you to find such a nice apartment which costs you less than $5000.

As you know, SMA Equities has been around in the business for years. They’ve provided so many types of the apartment for the citizen of NYC for a long time. So when you’re looking to rent an apartment room from this company, you might be able to get the fine-level of an apartment, as along as you check it out first before hand. This way, you will ensure that you’re renting the right company with the cheaper price. We hope this info will help you to know more about the development in the real estate businesses in NYC, and we are hoping you to find the suitable and affordable apartment for yourself soon.