Traditionally, people in many regions of many countries have long and widely used the tubers (rhizomes) of manggata grass as a remedy to facilitate menstruation, relieve pain during menstruation, feminine diseases, stomach pain medicines, anti-sweat washers. That is why the use of this plant as a remedy is still continued in the form of a health formula like the one you can know more on

For women, this plant can be used to help overcome the pain caused by menstruation like the excessive pain in the stomach, irregular coming months, or some other complaints. Yet, there are many uses of this plant that you need to know, not only for women but also anyone who has health problems. By getting boiled in water, this plant is also effective as medicines to overcome mouth disease (as mouthwash), heat, dysentery, medicine to facilitate urination, enterobius, anti seizure, drugs for diarrhea and also ulcers.