Booking a room in advance online will be much more profitable because we will easily find out whether the room we need is available or not. Otherwise, we will easily choose another hotel that is roughly in line with the criteria. The downside of direct booking that needs to be avoided is when we come with a big family that needs more than 1 room.

Ordering ahead of time is the right idea for coming to the hotel without pre-ordering the desired room, often ending up disappointed, running out of rooms for example. Another advantage of booking a room through an online travel agent via is, we can book the room we want and can choose the appropriate room budget and needs. For example, if we happen to not have enough money to book a superior room, then we will have a greater chance to book a standard room.

Since the standard rooms are the ones most in demand during high season, it is definitely a room of this type will be more easily out of order. Some hotels provide rooms with special facilities, views or views, and so forth. For example, if we want a room that has a balcony, of course, we must make reservations before because not many hotel rooms are designed to have a balcony. Hotel rooms like that, of course, the number is limited, then booking at the beginning will make it easier for us to get what we want.