After knowing what are the benefits of using electric mincers or meat milling machine, then next is to know how to care and use electric mincers for durable use, such as:

– Try to keep the electric mincers dry when not in use and when it will be used in first cool for a moment, at least place in the freezer before using this to get the best quality of the mill.

– For best grind cut pieces of meat that are not too small or large to make the process of grinding faster and texture better, the size of meat that is not too large can facilitate the work of meat grinder and will not make it not quickly damaged.

– Keep the sharp blade of the grinder clean, the blade is the most important part of the electric mincers because it should get more attention and care, because if the blade is rusty or blunt then the result of the mill will be good. Because try to use it after washing clean after that lap until dry and clean and then in the store back into the closet.

– Adjust the proper use of the grinder when used, if you need super-fine ground beef then use a grid that serves to produce a very fine meat texture, but if you want a slightly rough beef texture, then use a grind that produces a coarser texture. When to make meatballs use a rough if you want to make sausage use a more subtle.

– Mixing salt before the milling process is also allowed in the process of milling the meat because it turns out salt can be an additional protein and give effect to the texture of meat.

Basically, all Meat Grinders or meat grinders have the same basic parts both manual and electric, the following are important parts of the meat grinder you need to know:

– Hopper and pusher is part or place of meat pushed into the grinder, the greater the volume of meat the more grain movement movement

– Screws are the most important part of the meat grinder because it serves as a meat plunger into the shaft and towards the grinder blade.

– Knife and finer, after the screws push the meat into the centre, then the knife will chop the meat until smooth,

– Cover to make sure the knife and the penis are in place with proper and strong.