Once, 10 years ago, when sex is the most awaited. Your passion and your partner are both explosive. Not surprisingly, various positions and styles have been tried. Now, let alone the new variations, the french kiss just lazy. Friends said, “The older, the libido is also getting less.” Really? According to Dr. Ferryal Loetan, libido is the desire or sexual desire of a person. Libido will arise or disappear depending on the work of hormones in our body. So, if the hormones increase in performance, then our libido will also increase, and vice versa. There are some myths about libido that you need to know before your sex schedule is interrupted. Even so, you do not have to worry about anxiety about your sexual problems, especially women, because now there is Cream for libido that can make your sex drive increased and extraordinary. Only by applying this cream to the clitoris and you will feel a different sensation, but still, there you have to know from facts or myths that you can learn;

1. Myths; Women’s libido is less than men. So, do not be surprised if the affairs of making love, men are much more excited.

Fact: “Not really. Libido in women is not always smaller than men. This situation is much influenced by the environment where he grew up and education, lifestyle, and behavior, “explains Prof. FX Arif Adimoelja, MD, Ph.D., FSS (Be), SpAnd., Or commonly called dry. Wise. Only, women do not show it. When there is any, women still have to be provoked to arouse passion. “Easy, really,” added Dr. Ferryal, sex consultant, and marriage. “No need to grope or kiss, just give more attention, surely give up soon.”

2. Myth; Hormone problems are the cause of decreased passion for female love, also during pregnancy or postpartum.

Fact: Not necessarily. Health problems also play a role. If you’re not feeling well, though desire still exists, certainly not as big as the body is fit. Especially in women. For example, when you’re pregnant. “Pregnancy does cause changes in the way sex hormones work (such as the balance of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin) levels that vary across every gestational age,” said Dr. Wise. But, not only that, the libido of women is also very dependent on psychological problems. It may be that women are not confident with their bodies or are afraid of hurting their babies. In fact, you can still make love as usual. Well, maybe a little more careful with a certain position.