When you’re using a flash on your camera, the first thing that you must prioritize must be its compatibility. It doesn’t matter how good your flash is, if yours isn’t compatible with your cameras, then expect a lot of troubles. The worse case scenario is that you won’t even be able to use the flash with your camera at all. That’s why if you’re using Nikon, we recommend you to buy Nikon flash with the brand of Altura Photo AP-UNV1.

This one is highly recommended by so many Nikon users, especially the ones with the tight budget. It’s definitely a lot more affordable than the flashes with the official Nikon brand. It’s true that the quality is still not being able to match up the official ones, but this one is quite decent. With just $38.99 you can have the fine-level quality of flash to take your pictures at certain conditions. It’s quite rare to see such a nice flash with that low price, so buying this one is very recommended for Nikon users.