Reading news is as important as reading a book and has a huge advantage. For some people, exploring the pages of the newspaper in the morning before starting activities, or drowning in the ocean of information in newspapers while accompanied by a cup of coffee in the afternoon has become a routine habit that can not be abandoned. News provides information for the people they need to make decisions about everyday life. News can be interesting or even fun to read. But the main purpose of a news is a tool to increase knowledge from readers. The habit of reading news from newspapers and reading in general slowly began to decrease along with the internet presence. Reading the newspaper is now no longer a custom conducted by the younger generation. To cater to the curiosity as well as to increase knowledge, younger generations tend to use the Internet rather than conventional mass media such as newspapers.

According to a survey conducted by the American Press Institute, millennial generation (a generation born in early 1980 to early 2000) has a habit of reading smaller news stories compared to people aged 45 years and over. The habit of reading this news began to be replaced with the habit of using the internet and social media to obtain news. The difficulty of getting a reliable source and reluctant to linger for search, most of these Internet users get news and latest information from social media that sometimes credibility information questioned.