Tom Cruise will re-emerge as Jack Reacher, an independent investigator in the movie Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Although the filming is not much reported, now Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions has released two prime photos of the film scene. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back directed by Edward Zwick (Pawn Sacrifice, Blood Diamond). Edward admitted, working with Cruise to amaze him. Because Cruise can prepare himself well during filming. Jack Reacher’s Movie Story: Never Go Back will tell Jack Reacher’s efforts in helping Susan Turner, a military member who is considered a traitorous spy. At the same time, Reacher also has his own problems because his old team while still in the army has accused him of involvement in the murder of a 16-year-old boy. For fans of Tom Cruise, of course, this film has its own nuance, is not it? Watch the action only at

Tom Cruise first plays Jack Reacher in the movie Jack Reacher (2012), directed by Christopher McQuarrie. This film is a success financially, because with a production cost of 60 million US dollars finally able to reap 218 million US dollars from the global box office. In addition to amazed at Cruise, Edward Zwick also stated that Tom Cruise committed himself to various dangerous scenes in his movie. “Maybe Tom’s successor is very bored while in the set. He (Tom) did all the dangerous scenes in this movie without a cast member, “explained Edward.